How To Check Mini Statement in SBI Account [SMS & Missed Call]

If you want to check your SBI Personal bank balance with your mobile, you should know how to check the mini statement in SBI via SMS or missed call. This is one of the easiest ways to check the mini statement in SBI.

Moreover, you can also check your SBI balance via their toll-free helpline number through SMS. For this, your mobile number must be registered with the bank.

How To Check Mini Statement in SBI via SMS

SBI has made it easier for their customers to check their recent transactions via mobile or SMS. Now, customers need not visit the home branch to know their last transaction (deposit, withdraw or any other).

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How To Check Mini Statement in SBI via SMS or Missed Call

The advantage of using this method helps you to save your valuable time. You can access the SBI mini statement service from either SBI Quick-Missed Call Banking or SBI Anywhere (Mobile App).

To take advantage of your bank’s mini statement using SBI Quick (Miss call banking) service, you just need to register your active Mobile Number.

How To Register Mobile Number for SBI Mini Statement in SBI?

To register your mobile number for mini statement service using SBI Quick, you need only your’s Account Number. You need to send an SMS in the following format from your mobile number that you want to register with.

REG<space>Account Number to 09223488888

for example, REG 31067309010 and send it to 09223488888

After the SMS sending successful, your mobile number will be registered with SBI.

Till here, you are done with the Mobile number registration process.

However, if you want to deactivate/deregister your SBI Quick Services, then sent the below through SMS.

DREG<space>Account Number to 09223488888

Now, if you want to get SBI mobile banking services for your bank account, then you have to send another SMS. The SMS format is as follows.

<MBSREG> to 9223440000

How to Check Mini Statement in SBI via Mobile Number

There are two ways to check the mini statement for the SBI bank account.

  • Missed call
  • SMS

1. To get your mini statement, give a missed call to


You will get the details of the last 5 transactions. The call will disconnect after two rings.

2. If you want to check the mini statement via SMS, then send the following message.

MSTMT to 09223866666

After a few seconds, you will get your recent 5 transactions in the SMS inbox.

Other Services of SBI Quick

The following are some features of SBI Quick that you should try.

Balance EnquirySMS BAL to 09223766666
Block ATM Card SMS BLOCK XXXX to 576767
(Note: xxxx represents the last 4-digit of your card no.)
Car/Home LoanSMS HOME or CAR to 567676/09223588888
Full List of ServicesSMS HELP to 09223588888

Pros of Using SBI Mini Statement Service

I have analyzed some of the benefits of using mini statement service by SBI. Those are as follows:

  • You need not visit the bank physically
  • No additional cost while sending SMS
  • Fast, reliable, accurate service
  • No need to log in you SBI net banking account
  • No need for an extra electronic device. Only a working cellular mobile phone is sufficient.


Hopefully, I have made it clear to you about how to check mini statement in SBI via SMS or missed call. I have my own net banking account to check the mini statement from time to time. But, I like this method to get your mini statement data is fantastic.

You should definitely try this out. Share some thoughts in the comment section regarding the mini statement.

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