How to Register Complaint Online and Status check in SBI

If you are an existing or a non-customer of India’s State Bank, you can do Register Complaint Online and Status Check in SBI. There is a dedicated link from SBI to facilitate this feature.

The State Bank of India is the largest public sector bank in India. This guide will teach you the A-Z of filing a complaint with a State Bank bank and escalating it to the right authorities.

This post guide you in raising SBI Customer request, complaint form and Status Check online using the link CRCF SBI.

The weblink for the SBI complaint Register and Online status check is changed from to

Register Complaint Online and Status Check in SBI

Basically, you can file a complaint at State bank of India Grievance redressal and check the complaint status with a ticket number.

SBI maintains maintain both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Cash Management Services (CMS) both using online and offline mode. However, this article provides you details regarding Register Complaint Online and Status Check in SBI.

SBI Online Complaint

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How to File a Complaint in SBI?

You can call on SBI’s toll-free numbers (1800-425-3800, 1800-11-22-11), visit the branch, fill an online complaint form to lodge your grievance. Issues related to

  • Fund transfers
  • Demat
  • ATM transactions
  • NRI
  • Remittances
  • Prepaid Cards
  • SBI Anywhere
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • SBI Buddy
  • SBI reward points
  • MSME
  • Agriculture

are solved in SBI grievance redressal.

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How to Register SBI Complaint Online?

Here, you will learn how you can register SBI Complaint Online. Follow the simple steps and you can easily able to know How to file a complaint at SBI Customer Care.

Step 1: Visit this link and this take you to the page.

Register Complaint Online and Status Check in SBI

Step 2: Select “Raise Request/Complaint Types” as “Raise Complaint or Request”. And also choose an appropriate “Raise Request/Complaint” from the Dropdown.

Here I’m Selecting “Existing Customer – Digital Payment” and click the Submit button.

SBI request Complaint

Step 3: Here you have to Enter your Account Number. Verify the Captcha and click the Send OTP button.

Step 4: Enter all the details like Customer type (Existing SBI customers OR Non-Customers – Prepaid card holders, Metro or Canteen cad holders), Account number, complaint name, Branch code, mobile number, Complaint details etc.

Fill in all the details correctly. You have to give brief details of your complaint(s) with a maximum of 500 characters.

Step 5: Select “SUBMIT” button or if you want to re-enter all details, select “RESET” button.

Step 6: Here a ticket is generated by the system. You need to save it for further reference. So that, you can track the status of your grievance/complaint.

This is how we Register Complaint Online and Status Check in SBI with hassle free method.

How to Check SBI Complaint Status

Now, it’s time to check the status of the Complaint. Checking the complaint using a ticket number is quite simple in SBI.

SBI complain status check
How to Register Complaint Online and Status check in SBI

How to Check SBI Complaint Status by SMS

SBI has provided the feature to Register Complaint Online and Status Check in SBI by SMS ease. However, to check the complaint status you need to make a call to SBI Toll-Free Number 1800112211/18004253800 with your ticket number generated by the system at the time of filing the complaint.

Against the lodged complaint, banking representatives will provide you a complaint reference or ticket number using which you can track the status of your complaint.

Also, the status of the complaint can be checked by sending an SMS to 567676 in the format “ATM Ticket Number” for eg: ATM PR01236458.

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How to Register SBI Complaint offline?

This process will be handy for those who do not know how to register SBI Complaint online. You can register a complaint to State Bank of India services regarding Cash Management Services (CMS) by offline also in the following procedure:

  1. Visit the SBI branch where you have your Bank Account.
  2. Consult Customer Service Executive or General Manager. They have “Complaints Book” for the customer.
  3. Write down your complaint(s) in it.
  4. You will get an acknowledgment receipt/copy of your complaint.
  5. Likewise, you will receive an SMS to your mobile number associated with your bank account which is like an acknowledgment copy.
  6. The Complaint once registered is to be solved within 3 weeks.
  7. If your issue is not solved within the time period they need to explain that.
  8. The branch will inform you of their reasons if they fail to resolve your issue.

How to Escalate your SBI complaint?

If the above 2 methods don’t help your case, complain to the higher authorities i.e. General Manager of SBI. They are called the ‘Nodal Officers’. You can write to them or call them about the issues. Your home branch can give you the contact details of the General Manager. The Nodal Officer has to resolve your issue within 5 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my SBI complaint online?

To file your complaint, you can visit online and visit the branch. To lodge your complaint online, visit this link and fill the form properly. However, if you don’t have internet access you can visit your local SBI branch and fill the grievance form offline. You’ll get an acknowledgment copy regarding your complaint.

How can I check my SBI complaint by SMS?

Status of complaint can be checked by sending an SMS to 567676 in the format “ATM Ticket Number” for eg: ATM PR513207895

How can I check my SBI complaint status?

You can your complaint status in Online mode and Offline Mode. If you want to check the complaint status Online you need to visit this link. Another method is SMS.


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