How to Get SBI Passbook Online & Offline [Mini Statement] in 2024

If you are one of the customers of SBI then you should know how to get SBI passbook Online and Offline. Your SBI passbook has a number of transactions. Moreover, it contains your up-to-date available balance.

Like any other bank, SBI also has both physical and digital passbooks. You can obtain the Physical Passbook (Hard printed copy) only by visiting the home branch. However, the Digital passbook can be achieved by using Internet Banking or using mobile applications of SBI bank.

What is online SBI Passbook?

There is nothing like the term “SBI Passbook Online”. The SBI passbook is a physical copy of your bank statements of some duration. Passbook is always in Offline mode.

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However, if you want the bank statements digitally (net banking/Apps) that will be online mode. We can say mPassbook, mini statements, account statements, etc. are the digital passbook. I hope the above statement is clear to you.

So, if you want to get SBI passbook online there are multiple ways to achieve it. I will discuss each one step by step.

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How to get SBI Passbook Online?

SBI has been given the privilege to check the bank statements of their customers. There are few ways to get SBI passbook online and offline

  1. Online Internet Banking
  2. YONO Lite SBI (Online)
  3. SBI Anywhere (Online)
  4. SBI Quick App
  5. Missed Call
  6. SMS service
  7. Bank visit (Offline)

You can follow any of these methods to obtain your bank passbook/statement.

Things needed to get SBI Passbook online

Before you want to get SBI passbook online you must have the following functionalities.

  1. SBI Internet Banking (Username & Password)
  2. Active Registered Mobile Number with bank
  3. Proper Internet connection
  4. Mobile Apps

How to get SBI passbook online with internet banking?

If you have SBI Internet banking access then you can view and print the digital passbook or get SBI passbook online mode If you haven’t created/registered for SBI internet banking yet then click the button below.

Steps to get SBI Internet Banking Account Statement

  • Visit the official SBI Internet banking page i.e.
  • In the personal banking section, click the “LOGIN” button.
  • Click the Continue button
  • Fill in the Username, Password, and captcha. Click the Login button.
  • For authentication, enter the OTP which is sent to your RMN.
  • Now, in the dashboard click on the Account statement in the left sidebar
account statement sbi
  • Select the Account for which you want to check the statement. you can generate the statement by Date, by Month, last 6 months, and financial year. You can generate a statement of the last 6 months or can generate a statement of a given date range which should not exceed more than 6 months or you can generate a statement of any particular month.
  • In the same way, you can view, print, or download the statement.
  • Click the “Go” button.
Get SBI Passbook online account statement
  • Here, you can see the details of your bank account. Scroll down to check the account statements of any date range of 6 months
Account statement of 6 months
  • You can print/save the SBI Online Passbook or mini statement for use.

So, this how you can able to get SBI passbook online using Net Banking.

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How to Get SBI Passbook Online without Internet Banking?

Well, these methods to get the mini statements/bank statements are quite easy if you have a smartphone. To use these features you must have an internet banking account and active RMN (registered Mobile number).

Get SBI mPassbook in YONO Lite SBI

To use this feature you need to download the Official mobile application first. You can download and install the App from the following buttons.

Steps to get SBI passbook Online in YONO Lite SBI

  • Open and register the App using SBI internet banking Username & Password.
  • Enter the OTO received on your Mobile.
  • Now, you can Log in to this app using Easy PIN/User ID and Password.
  • In the welcome dashboard, click on the My Accounts section as shown on the screen below.
SBI passbook Online in YONO Lite SBI
  • Now, click on the mPassbook option.
get sbi passbook online
  • Select the Account number if you maintain multiple accounts for which you want to get SBI passbook Online in Yono Lite SBI.
SBI YONO Lite Account select mPassbok and mini Statement
  • Here, you can see the Refresh icon at the top corner to fetch the latest transaction history.
  • Here, you can see the list of transactions in your bank account.
Transaction History in SBI Yono Lite
  • You can click “Next” button to view more transactions.

This is how to get SBI mPassbook in YONO Lite SBI.

Get SBI mPassbook in SBI Quick/Samadhan App

Well, you can get SBI mPassbook in SBI Quick App too. This App is very much useful in terms of bank statements/passbooks.

If you don’t have the SBI Quick/Samadhan App in your mobile phone you can download it from the Google Playstore/Apple store.

Download the Official SBI Quick App from by clicking the buttons below.

Steps to get SBI passbook Online in SBI Quick App

  • Run the application
  • Click on the Account Services.
SBI Mini Statement in SBI Quick App
  • Click on Register for One Time registration for Balance enquiry.
Register in SBI Quick app for balance enquiry
  • Now, you need to account number for which you want a balance inquiry.
  • After clicking the register an SMS will pop up for One-time registration.
  • Send the SMS and after a few seconds, you’ll get a successful message for the registration.
  • Next, you need to click on the “SMS” icon in the 6-month e-Statement section as shown in the screenshot.
get sbi passbook online
  • In the next popup screen, enter the Bank Account Number and 4-digit passcode. Do not forget the passcode as it will require to open the file later in email.
Enter account number and passcode to download SBI statement in SBI Quick App
  • Again, an SMS (Pre-typed) needs to be sent from your Registered Mobile Number.
  • After the message sent successfully, you’ll get the e-Statement/passbook on your Registered Email shortly.
  • Now, check the Email Inbox and click the Pdf file. To open that file you need to enter the same 4-digit passcode

This is how you can get SBI passbook online. Moreover, if you want the mini statement of bank account just click the message button in the “Mini Statement” section.

How to Get SBI Passbook Through Missed Call/SMS Banking

To avail the feature of SBI Mini statement or passbook you need to first register for Missed call banking. The same process for the SMS service also.

To register you number for Missed Call banking send the SMS in the following format.

REG <space> Account Number to 09223488888
for example for example, REG 31067309010 and send it to 09223488888

After the Message sent successfully, your Mobile number will be registered with SBI.

However, if you want to withdraw for SBI Quick services use the following SMS to opt out anytime.

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DREG <space> Account Number to 09223488888

Next, to get the facilities of SBI Mobile banking on your account send an SMS in the following format from your registered mobile number.

<MBSREG>to 9223440000

How to Check Mini Statement in SBI Quick through SMS

If you want to check a mini statements in SBI Quick services through SMS register your number first.

After the registration is successful send the following message format from your registered Mobile Number.

MSTMT to 09223866666

If the message is sent successfully the mini statement of your latest 5 transactions will be delivered to your mobile number.

How to Check Mini Statement in SBI Quick through Missed Call Banking

Again this is one of the best features that SBI has. The registered mobile users can check the mini statement/passbook for their accounts. You need to Dial and give a Missed Call to the following number.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my SBI mini statement?

You can get the SBI mini statement in Internet banking, YONO Lite SBI, SMS, and Missed call banking. Check this article for more information.

Can I see a mini statement our SBI account from the SBI Yono app?

Yes. You can check the mini statement in the YONO app. Open the SBI YONO Lite app. Go to My Accounts->mPassbook->Select Account No. That’s it.

How can I get a PDF of 3-month bank statement? I have not used net banking.

If you don’t have an SBI net banking facility still you can get a PDF of a 3-month bank statement or more. For this, you need to Download SBI Quick app. Follow this article to get the bank mini statement.

How can I get a bank statement without internet banking in SBI Bank?

You can use any of these methods to get a bank statement without SBI net banking.
1. YONO Lite SBI (Mobile App)
2. SBI Quick App
3 Missed call
4. SMS
Note: you must have a registered mobile number with the bank

How do I see my SBI account balance via SMS?

To check your SBI account balance via SMS you need to send an SMS from your registered mobile number. Type MSTMT and send it to 09223866666


So, this is all about how to get SBI passbook online & offline mode. I think all the above-mentioned ways to check the SBI passbook, balance inquiry, mini statement, etc. are quite easy. You have the privilege to use any of those methods.

I personally use SBI Internet banking and YONO Lite SBI. I would love to know what method you are using currently to get the SBI passbook online. Feel free to comment below if you find any issues while registering/using these features.

Note: Do not share personal pieces of information like Usernames, Passwords, Credit/Debit Card Numbers, OTP, Aadhar Card Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, PAN cards, or any kind of personal or sensitive data here.

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