SBI Yono vs SBI Yono Lite: Which is Better in 2024?

This will be a detailed article on SBI Yono vs SBI Yono Lite. I know a lot of people are unable to differentiate between SBI Yono and SBI Yono lite applications.

No doubt these are some of the best apps of SBI Mobile Banking. Both are the official apps of the State Bank of India. However, there are some features that do not match each other.

Do not skip this article if you want to clear your doubt. Read till the end to know all the features of both applications.

SBI Yono vs SBI Yono Lite

In this post, I’m going to show you all the features of each application. Moreover, I am going to make a feature-wise comparison between these apps which clearly justifies The SBI Yono Vs SBI Yono Lite.

I am very much sure that after reading this post you will not have any confusion about them. You’ll get all the answers to your doubts thoroughly.

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Table of Contents

Difference between YONO and YONO Lite

The main difference between YONO and YONO lite of SBI is the features. Both the mobile applications are quite very much helpful for SBI customers. These two apps are officially managed by the State bank of India.

Let’s begin…

SBI Yono Vs SBI Yono Lite: Detailed Comparision

In this comparison table of SBI Yono vs SBI Yono Lite, I am trying to cover all the banking facilities/features. If I miss some essential features of these apps do let me in the comment section. The following table shows some basic and advanced features of SBI banking.

Official ApplicationYesYes
Internet Banking RegistrationYesYes
Same INB Username & Password LoginYesYes
Account Balance InquiryYesYes
Fund TransferYesYes
Add BeneficiaryYesYes
Edit BeneficiaryYesYes
Account Opening (RD, FD, MOD)YesYes
Closing Account (RD, FD, MOD)YesYes
Quick TransferYesYes
UPI Fund TransferYesYes
Check Account StatementYesYes
Mobile & DTH RechargeYesYes
Postpaid Bill PayYesYes
SBI Life Premium PayYesYes
Apply Cheque BookYesYes
Stop Cheque BookYesYes
Manage Debit CardYesYes
View NomineeYesYes
TDS InquiryYesYes
15G/15H FormYesYes
Login through MPINYesYes
Login through Username & PasswordYesYes

In the above table, there are 22 features that both the application are the same. Now, on the basis of the above banking features, we’ll find SBI Yono vs SBI Yono Lite.

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Now, let’s find the actual features that do not match each other. The table below shows the facilities and features that SBI YONO Lite provides to its customers which clearly tells SBI Yono Vs SBI Yono Lite.

SBI Yono Lite Features

Forgot Username & PasswordNoYes
Internet Banking (lock & Unlock)NoYes
Add Beneficiary without Fund TransferNoYes
Send UPI Payment without UPI IDNoYes
M CashNo Yes
Generate and Cancel MMIDNo Yes
Generate & Cancel Virtual cardNoYes
mPassbookNo Yes
E-Statement SubscriptionNoYes
Long Term Statement DownloadNoYes
NCMC Debit Card PlusNoYes
Prepaid card TopupNoYes
Credit Card Visa TransferNoYes
SBI Credit Card ApplyNoYes
Link LPG Consumer IDNoYes
SBI Voice AssistNoYes
Add Link FavoritesNoYes
Manage FavoritesNoYes
Fingerprint LoginNoYes
SBI CollectNoYes
Find Branch/ATMNoYes
Register ComplaintNoYes
QR Cash WithdrawlNoYes
UPI TransferNoYes

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The above table shows the features that Yono Lite SBI has but not Yono SBI.

In the same way, there are some features that SBI Yono has but not SBI Yono Lite. Those features are discussed in the following table or chart.

SBI Yono Features

Register Net Banking (Without ATM Card)YesNo
Savings Account OpeningYesNo
Account TransferYesNo
New ATM Card ApplyYesNo
Activate ATM CardYesNo
New/Change ATM PINYesNo
Block ATM CardYesNo
Yono CashYesNo
Change NomineeYesNo
Yono Insta Life SecureYesNo
Yono Krishi (Agriculture)YesNo
All UPI ServicesYesNo
Loan ApplyYesNo
Book Train TicketYes No
Investment in MF, CAP, TradingYesNo
Shopping Discount (Offers)YesNo
View Reward PointsYesNo
Redeem Reward PointYesNo
Change mobile NumberYesNo
Change/Update PAN card detailsYesNo
Change/Update Email IDYesNo
Pension SlipYesNo
Change Account TypeYesNo
Change Login/Profile Password& MPINYesNo
Change Profile Password with ATM CardYesNo
Manage Transaction RightsYesNo
Manage SMS AlertsYesNo
Apply for New Credit CardYesNo
Link Credit CardYesNo
Buy SBI Life PolicyYesNo
Link SBI Life PolicyYesNo
Reward Point SummaryYesNo
Chat BotYesNo

Frequently Asked Questions

As an SBI customer, I personally use both of these Apps. I use these Apps as per my requirements and usage.

What is the difference between YONO SBI and YONO Lite?

There are no huge differences between SBI Yono and SBI Yono Lite or SBI Yono Vs SBI Yono Lite. Both are the Official Mobile Application of the State Bank of India. The only difference I can observe is the features.

Can I use both YONO SBI and YONO Lite SBI?

Definitely YES. There is no restriction on using both apps. You can use both these apps in terms of features. The only difference between these two apps is the features. Both the Apps are great in their own way.

Can I use SBI YONO without net banking?

Yes, you can. But, you have to register either through ATM Card or with Account details. This means, there are three ways to access or use SBI Yono. These are SBI Internet Banking, ATM Card, and Account Details.

Is there any advantage in using the SBI YONO app over the SBI Anywhere app?

There are some differences between them. If you are a shopping lover then SBI Yono is for you. Moreover, you can link your Demat account, Mutual fund, Insurance holdings, and Credit card with SBI Yono. Click Here to Explore more.

Is Yono Lite SBI safe?

Yono SBI is completely safe for banking. Till now I haven’t faced any issue with the SBI Yono Application. However, I find the Yono app a little bit laggy and consumes more mobile/WiFi data. But, no issues with SBI Yono Lite.

Which YONO App is best?

Both YONO and YONO Lite are quite similar. In SBI YONO, we can access advanced banking features like mutual funds, credit cards, loans, etc. Whereas in SBI YONO Lite, you can see the basic banking features that you need.

Is Yono SBI and Yono SBI Lite same?

No. We can differentiate between these two apps in terms of banking features. I’d say SBI Yono is more advanced than SBI Yono Lite. Nevertheless, both are the official mobile Apps by the State bank of India.


I hope this article has helped you to solve the doubt about SBI Yono vs SBI Yono Lite. I tried my best to cover all the features provided by these apps. However, you can tell me which apps you use and if you find any features missing in this article do let me know in the comment section.

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  1. It is a fervent appeal to SBI to make one Application instead of multiple ones, which is easy, secure and user-friendly like in any Corporate bank. I am sure SBI is way bigger and Omnipresent across the Globe. It deserves to be the leader in Banking industry by adopting latest tools of the trade and methods.

  2. SBI is a bank for common people. Majority of SBI customers are not competent enough to handle such confusing apps. Even staff at SBI branches is not able to explain about these apps.
    SBI should in its own interest improve its apps.

  3. what is the purpose for launching two apps with different features instead of one app covering all features?

  4. You cannot make NEFT or RTGS transactions through yono. Also you cannot schedule transactions. Two very great disadvantage against yono lite.

  5. Why don’t you include every feature in a single app rather confusing having two apps.Have feature for FD on mature to transfer in account

  6. Good comparisons brought out. Thank you.

    It would have been good if all banking operations would have been included in both apps same. Additional non banking activities could be included in Yono. Best however would be to have single app. Its not user friendly to use 2 apps for features which are not common.

  7. I have opened 4tdrs on 4th sept for 1 I have received advice by email. for remaining 3tdrs and 1 tdr opened on 6th sept not received till now despite repeated requests

  8. Team SBI, Please plan to release a single App comprising all operations. Switching between Apps is difficult for a common man.

  9. Why have 2 apps with different options? Options shown in either app are very much important and a user would like to have one app instead of having to log in to two! Amazing stupidity by those who thought of this!

  10. I created my mobile banking in sbi yono, when I’m trying to login with the same username and password in sbi yono lite. It is not working.

  11. Opening Overdraft against TDR in the same name…feature is not there in yonolite app where as it is available in sbiyono app…is it correct


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